Report | Competitive Edge of Customer Experience

The opportunity to compete via product differentiation is no longer a viable option for many businesses as customers turn to CX as the key brand differentiator.  But with increased competition, customer expectations are outpacing customer experiences.

Yet, according to Accenture, while 25% of companies think their CX strategy is ‘good enough’ they are not meeting customer expectations.  The same report found only 7% of brands are exceeding customer expectations.

This presents a huge opportunity for fast-growing and pioneering SMEs to thrive in 2018; leading with CX to gain competitive advantage.  Personalisation and real-time responses will dominate successful CX stories – with innovative technology and an organisation’s ability to adapt being key success factors.

To find some answers, we asked: as a senior business leader, how are you ensuring your CX strategy is ahead of competitors – to maximise growth opportunities and gain competitive advantage in 2018?  Are you too focused on customer acquisition, rather than customer retention?  Are you aware of your customer’s immediate and future needs, and how are you meeting customer demand?

Inside you’ll find:

  • An overview of Tim Wade’s recipe for creating and delivering great CX
  • A reiteration of Peter Drucker’s idea that culture eats strategy for breakfast – and why
  • A debate about where your investment in CX should be spent – and how to measure ROI