Report | International Expansion & the CFO

The role of the CFO – and finance leadership as a whole – is rapidly becoming a key driver of business value and CFOs need to ensure they continue to stay ahead, not only of internal strategic business insights but of wider globalisation trends. Emerging trends will help empower finance professionals to drive performance, better assess and manage risk, and drive corporate strategy and international expansion for their business.

The initial pains of starting the business are behind you but, to ensure that you continue to thrive, you need to ensure that your organisation is prepared for the challenge of international trade.  Expansion of any kind will bring associated financial risk to the existing business.  Yet many CFOs are putting more emphasis on expansion and fast growth, with international expansion being high on their agenda.

To help identify the most successful approaches to tackling these challenges, we asked:  How can CFOs maximise visibility whilst reducing risk?  How can you ensure your business processes are robust enough to adapt and control the speed of your growth?  What kinds of strategic goals should guide your plans as you look to expand your international presence?


Inside you’ll find:

  • Why convincing business leaders to invest in the back office was so widely regarded by our club members as their biggest unforeseen challenge
  • Consideration of the need for a test-learn-test-learn approach
  • Tips for finding the right partners