Report | How can you evaluate your CX Investment

Customer experience is the new battleground for businesses, superseding price and product as the key brand differentiator.  In fact, Gartner has found that 89% of businesses expected to compete mainly on customer experience by next year.

This presents a huge opportunity for fast-growing and pioneering SMEs to thrive in 2018.  But while some companies are beginning to improve CX through digital transformation and targeted strategies, many businesses hesitate to commit significant resources without a clear understanding of the return on the investment.

This makes it essential to understand the financial impact of your CX strategy.  Failure to do so creates lost opportunities for strategic advantages and gains.

So how can you evaluate your CX investment, and ensure it positively impacts growth?

In an attempt to find some answers, we asked our guests: how will you know when your company’s CX strategy is a success?  Is there a “perfect” CX metric to gain a holistic understanding of your CX performance?  And, as CFO, how can you ensure you aren’t missing out on strategic CX opportunities?

Inside you’ll find:

  • Some of the practical hindrances to good CX with which your peers are grappling
  • A lively debate about the value of online ratings
  • The importance of customer service and complaint logging as a measurement metric