Is Your Business Model Ready for 2017? – Birmingham Drinks Forum

Venue: Malmaison,The Mailbox, 1 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 2JR
Date: November 22nd, 6:30pm

Generation Y is here and with them a new business mindset. Their needs and wants will soon define the consumer and corporate environments. And these needs are digital. Generation Y are the creators and users of the disruptive business models that challenge the status quo of existing organisations, just like Mark Zuckerberg did with the invention of Facebook. They are determining the way digital technologies are used, and initiating social behaviors for other generations. With generation Y comes an unavoidable wave of digitalisation that will crush industries unless they learn how to ride it.

But, it’s not necessarily the change itself that is most difficult to contend with, it’s the sheer pace of it. This is a digitalisation wave moving at speeds we have never seen before. To put it into perspective it took more than 70 years for telephones to reach 50% household penetration, 10 years for internet access. Google+, the social media tool from Google, took only 16 days to reach 10 million users. The pace of technology change is increasing exponentially, so how can you respond to the complexity of this change with so little time to address it?

If we have learnt anything from the rise of platform businesses like YouTube, it’s that business model innovation is essential to standing the test of the digital era. Companies that have capitalised on this have rewritten the rules of entire industries. Indeed, a recent study by IBM, interviewing 1500 CEOs from around the world revealed that over 95% are adapting their business model. In fact, over 65% are actually implementing drastic modifications.

There are many ways to embrace these shifts within business models. Do we update and regenerate our existing models using the increasingly versatile technological tools at our disposal? Or do we take the slightly riskier approach and try to create entirely new disruptive models that are entirely tech focused? Either way one thing is certain, archaic business models will be left behind.

We will be asking the leaders of a number of organisations to share their recipe for business model refinement and success at the 360° Club’s next discussion and networking evening on the 22nd of November.

Our guest list includes:

Group Managing Director at SE Controls
Managing Director at Amillan
Managing Director at Carlyle
Managing Director at ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd.
Managing Director at Walkers Chocolates
Managing Director at Leader Communications Ltd.
Managing Director at Glide Utilities
Managing Director at Click Travel
Managing Director at Prism Network
Managing Director at Care Monitoring & Management
Managing Director at Aspire People
Managing Director at Flair Business Growth Consultancy
Managing Director at Psiclone Games Ltd
Managing Director at Mobile Fun
Managing Director at FORCAM
Managing Director Infrastructure Consultancy at ARCADIS
CEO at George Green LLP
CEO at The Pathway Group
Deputy CEO at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Chief Executive at Legal Ombudsman
Chief Executive Officer at Johnson Fleming Limited
Chief Technology Officer at AIS Group
Partner at Gowling WLG
Partner at PwC
Partner at PwC
Partner at RSM UK
Founder at Bean2Bed Ltd
Assistant Chief of Programmes at Rolls-Royce
Commercial Director at Breaking Free Group
Director at Fownd Supply Management
Director at RSM UK
Director at Jolly Kitchens
Director of Marketing at Probrand
Director, Information Technology at Marston’s
Finance Director at Hub Le Bas
Information Technology Director at Warwickshire College Group
Operations & HR Director at Aspire People
Programme Director at Gambling Commission
Sales Director at British Military Security
Director at Bell Cornwall Associates Ltd.
Head of Engineering at Click Travel
Head of Group Planning & Performance at Midland Heart
Head of Operations at The Pathway Group

The evening will focus on the challenges of redefining established business models and ask whether creating truly “new” models is even possible? We will be examining what models disruptive organisations are utilising to seize market share. And, we will be hearing from market incumbents with more archaic business models as to how they are looking to reinvent the wheel.

Our ultimate goal is to unite senior leaders of fast-growth organisations to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.

If you want to understand how best to implement and utilise your business model, then please register through the link below and we look forward to welcoming you on the 22nd of November.