Our Last Club session of 2017 – London November Drinks Forum

WHERE: The Sky Bar, The Grange Hotel St Paul’s, London

WHEN: November 14th, 6pm

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About the Dinner

The 360° Club meets quarterly to bring together senior decision makers to discuss and debate the initiatives that must be driven to ensure fast-growth and a competitive edge. We meet in private locations for an exclusive invitation-only networking and discussion evening.


On November 14th, we’re meeting at The Grange Hotel’s Sky Bar to discussion and debate for our last club session of 2017. If you’re a senior business leader of a small or medium company we’d be delighted to welcome you.

Why Attend?

  • Topics are chosen based on the interests of our existing members, industry-wide disruptions and fascinating topics broached at prior events.
  • Attendance is strictly by invitation only, and aimed toward senior business leaders, and other top-executives, including industry-wide thought leaders.
  • Our guests gain exclusive insights on trending business topics through networking discussions with their peers.

Topic: International Expansion

“If you don’t know how to get the money out, don’t go in….Getting it right means ensuring “international” is part of your strategic plan and not merely an opportunistic response.”

In April, we asked how could a fast-growth UK company successfully expand internationally. The quote above is from our keynote speaker from that discussion evening, sparking much discussion and debate. Given the high level of engagement and vibrant discussion we will be returning to the topic of international expansion for our last event of 2017.

A recent survey by McKinsey found that achieving sustainable growth is the most pressing strategic challenge for companies to face. 86% of surveyed CFOs stated finding new sources of growth (both organic and inorganic) as a challenge, with 72% of the other C-suite executives agreeing. (McKinsey). With growth being such a priority, it is no wonder international expansion is an alluring opportunity.


Great opportunities await your business when you get international expansion right. However, getting it right means that internationalisation must be a core part of your business strategy, not just an experiment.


You are much more likely to be successful if you take a strategic approach to international expansion, thinking through your strategy and carrying out thorough research. Success hinges on multiple factors: market knowledge, localisation, your global team, cash-flow, a business culture open to exploring and exploiting new opportunities, to name but a few.


Tesco, Marks and Spencer’s, Starbucks, Ebay and Google are all examples of companies who have experienced failure when expanding internationally. A weak international expansion strategy can lead to even market giants failing. So proper research, and learning from mistakes of others is critical to success.


As SMEs you do have an advantage. You have the speed, focus, ability to pivot and structural fluidity to be more agile than your older, larger competitors that often cannot mobilise talent, cash, IP or other resources as quickly.


Having an informed and focused strategy, is the difference between success and failure. But, how can you ensure structural, operational and cultural readiness to de-risk international expansion?


How do you as a fast-growth UK business check you’re expanding strategically, rather than opportunistically?


And since our April discussion, have you begun to implement an international strategy, or have you hit roadblocks?


Join us for the last 360° Club’s networking evening of 2017 on the 14th November. We will be uniting senior leaders to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.


We’ll be meeting at 6pm at the fantastic Sky Bar of the Grange St Paul’s Hotel, for networking, drinks and canapés. It is our last event of 2017, so it is not to be missed!

Keynote Speaker

Nenad Pacek –  President of Global Success Advisors and Co-Founder of CEEMEA Business Group


Nenad advises global and regional directors of over 300 multinational corporations. He is founder and president of Global Success Advisors and co-founder of the CEEMEA Business Group corporate service (advisory for regional executives running Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). The advisory focus is on helping executives understand economic/business outlooks for virtually all countries around the world and on helping companies build strategies for sustainable growth.


Nenad is also former Vice President of The Economist Group (Economist Intelligence Unit) where he spent two decades advising multinationals and managing several businesses in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He chaired over 100 Economist Government Roundtables with Prime Ministers/Presidents and their cabinets throughout Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


With Nenad’s vast experience the discussion will be full of exclusive insights, and not one to miss! 

When and Where?

6pm Guests arrive for networking drinks

6:30pm Keynote speaker followed by questions

7:15pm Break for drinks, networking and canapes

7:40pm “Question time” expert panel session.

8:15pm Break for drinks, canapes and networking

Guest List Includes…

Chief Executive Officer at Feel Unique

Chief Executive Officer at Teach First
Chief Executive Officer at Receipt Bank
Chief Executive Officer at Commontime
Chief Executive Officer at Green Man Gaming
Chief Executive Officer at Cute Nutrition
Chief Executive Officer at Child’s Farm
Chief Executive Officer at Attest
Chief Executive Officer at Centaur Media
Chief Executive Officer at Expand Venture
Chief Executive Officer at Foam and Bubbles
Chief Executive Officer at The Specialist Works
Chief Executive Officer at Flypay
Chief Executive Officer at Aquila Markets
Chief Executive Officer at Redstone Connect
Chief Executive Officer at Syndicate Room
Chief Executive Officer at Big Hand
Chief Executive Officer at Future Workshops
Chief Executive Officer at JML
Chief Executive Officer at SofarSounds
Chief Executive Officer at The Market Mogul
Chief Executive Officer at FMD
Chief Executive Officer at LDN Group
Chief Executive Officer at Ixaris
Chief Executive Officer at Big Hand
Chief Executive Officer at Flywheel IT Services
Chief Executive Officer at GP Corporate Finance
Chief Executive Officer at Yoyo Wallet
Chief Executive Officer at Duck and Cover Clothing
International Chairman at WH SMith
Founder at Azoomee
Founder at Bullitt Group
Managing Director at Accenture
Managing Director at Ziffit Ltd
Managing Director at Turner and Townsend
Managing Director at Cashfac Technologies
Managing Director at Mansion House Consulting
Managing Director at Newcross Healthcare Solutions
Chief Commercial Officer at Simply Business
Chief Commercial Officer at Somo
Chief Commercial Officer at City Pantry
Chief Financial Officer at Jinn
Chief Financial Officer at Gousto
Chief Financial Officer at Cruise.com
Chief Financial Officer at Stratajet
Chief Financial Officer at IWOCA
Chief Financial Officer at Resulting Ltd
Chief Financial Officer at New Street Group
Chief Financial Officer at Account Technologies
Chief Financial Officer at Crowd Cube
Chief Financial Officer at Natter Technologies
Chief Financial Officer at io oil and gas consulting
Chief Financial Officer at EPG
Chief Financial Officer at GYMBOX
Chief Financial Officer at Metapack
Chief Financial Officer at Milk VFX
Chief Financial Officer at New Street Group
Chief Financial Officer at Splash Damage
Chief Financial Officer at EPG
Chief Financial Officer at Account Technologies
Chief Financial Officer at Natterbox
Chief Operations Officer at The White Company
Chief Operations Officer at Bovill
Chief Operations Officer at blow LTD
Chief Operations Officer at Ravelin
Chief Operations Officer at Big Data for Humans
Chief Operations Officer at Artfinder
Chief Operations Officer at Pai Skincare
Chief Operations Officer at 528 Advisory
Chief Operations Officer at Anstey Horne
Chief Operations Officer at Snow Plow Analytics
Chief Operations Officer at Xoomworks
Chief Operations Officer at Parker Fitzgerald Ltd
Chief Product Officer at SuperAwesome
Chief Strategy Officer at Karmarama
Chief Technology Officer at FlyPay
Chief Technology Officer at Assima
Chief Technology Officer at EchoBox
Global Finance Director at AllSaints
Commercial Director at TES Technologies
Commercial Director at Maxgear Limited
Commercial Director at Cabinet Office
Group Business Development Director at New Look
Administrative Director at The Royal Ballet Opera House
Commercial Director at TES Technologies
Commercial Director at Maxgear Limited
IT Director at Royal Mail
Finance and Operations Director at Xcede
Finance Director at MVF
Finance Director at Crowe Cark Whitehall
Director at Systems Accountants
Director of Client Strategy at Perkbox
Director at Avanti Communications Group
Partner at Autotask UK
Partner at Q5
Partner at Taylor Wessing
Partner at RSM
Partner at Buzzacott
Partner at Mazars LLP
Partner at Beck Greener
Financial Controller at Vision Direct

And many more….

We will be meeting at the fantastic Sky Bar in the Grange Hotel. The Sky Bar is an exclusive penthouse-level bar with rooftop terrace and conservatory, offering beautiful views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.


If you want to be part of this exclusive networking event and understand the best explosive growth strategies for your business, then please register below and we look forward to welcoming you on the 14th November.