A Sneak Preview for our Upcoming 360˚ Club Event

E. Purcell   Author: Elizabeth Purcell, Club Director


Mark Palmer is our guest speaker at the 360˚ Club discussion session this month.  Mark has worked with many fast-growth brands, including Green & Blacks chocolate and Pret A Manger.  I tracked him down to get a sneak preview of what’s in store on the night…

In what McKinsey calls today’s world of “grow fast or die slow”, the focus of this quarter’s 360˚ Club session is how your business can realise explosive growth.

Mark is a great choice for our keynote speaker; having cut his teeth in large blue chips such as Unite Biscuits and Diageo, Mark worked with Green and Blacks as it transformed from a private family business to a £30m business over a four-year period.  In addition to his role with Pret a Manger, a company that continues to experience incredible growth, Mark continues to play a role with small fast growth companies, including Union Coffee, Cawston Press, and Primal Pantry.

Are you ready for success?

On 20th June Mark will be looking at some examples and best practices around explosive growth, as well as discussing what the business needs to do in order to get ready for a rapid growth period.

Mark argues the necessity of businesses being clear about who their business is targeting and what their business stands for: “These might seem like obvious things,” says Mark, “but you’ll be surprised by the number of companies that are quite unclear about them.”

Mark argues that clear positioning of your business is vital before you make any investment, if you are going to ensure that every pound you spend is pulling in the right direction.

Mark also mentions the important two-way link between explosive growth and the best talent.  He argues that the companies who have a clear vision where they are going will attract the best talent and tend to grow quickly.  And, if you can attract the right people, that is an important source of competitive advantage.

Mark also hopes to challenge the idea that marketing is “an expensive gamble” – for fast-growth companies, it is a necessary investment.

On the night, Mark will share some of the real-life examples of this from his own commercial experience and consider what happens for businesses that do achieve their fast-track growth ambitions.

Mark says, “Green and Blacks and Pret a Manger have quite different trajectories, but there are some important lessons there in terms of how you prepare for success.  How do you make sure you invest right in the people, marketing, systems, and infrastructure to support those rapid changes to your business model that success will bring?”

I, for one, can’t wait to hear more on Wednesday!  To book your place please contact me at: elizabeth.purcell@360degreesclub.com

And as always, thank you to our club sponsor Oracle Netsuite, for their kind support.