Competitive Advantage Through Customer Experience – Birmingham Drinks Forum

Venue: Malmaison,The Mailbox, 1 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 2JR
Date: March 21st, 6:00pm

“Customer experience is not an easy concept to define, [however] we now define [it] as how customers perceive their interactions with your company. [Harley Manning, Customer Experience Analyst, Forrester]

Customer experience remains one of the most important battlegrounds for companies in 2017. The opportunity to compete via product differentiation has almost entirely disappeared, so companies are focusing on the wrapper – customer experience. Only recently McKinsey discovered that B2B & B2C businesses who are optimising customer experience are growing 10% faster and exceeding the gross margins of their competitors by 26%. Companies such as Charlotte Tilbury, Joe & The Juice and Spotify are three prime examples of organisations using technology to innovate around CX and gain competitive advantage.

This is a genuine opportunity for small & mid-tier companies. As we enter into 2017 we see a market that is still full of well-intentioned companies who are falling short when it comes to customer experience. Their primary issues are two-fold:

Firstly, rarely do businesses have a complete view of their customer. Typically, they have a fragmented view, one that sits across different channels. This is due to the siloed, unintegrated nature of business operations and systems. There is much debate about whether a single view is possible, and ultimately it depends on your definition. But what is certain is you need to continually improve your customer view – and make it better than your competition’s view – in order to improve your customer experience.

Secondly, some companies misinterpret their customers’ opinion of them. At our last club event, Matt Ballantine, Angel of Disruption at Stamp London, emphasised “you’re less likely to be disrupted if you are in sync with your customers’ view of your value proposition.” This is about truly knowing your customer and understanding where they see the value in what you do. It is about walking in your customers’ shoes and mapping their journey. History is littered with companies who got this wrong.

You can watch Matt and read the last evening’s insights here.

So, why are the CXO’s of small and mid-tier companies prioritising customer experience in 2017 above all else?

In a word “agility”. Your business can move faster. You can achieve a complete view of your customer quicker. You can break down silos easier. You can listen to your customer more intently, and identify the ‘fracture points’ of the customer experience. All of which means, you can adapt and align your business in a faster, more responsive way than much of your competition. It starts with that all-important customer view.

So, is the customer experience you provide better than your competition? Do you have a single view of your customers across channels & systems? Can you easily identify your most profitable customers?

 If you answered “no” to these questions you need to join us.

We’re discussing and debating this topic at the 360° Club’s next networking evening on the 21st March 2017. Our ultimate goal is to unite senior leaders of fast-growth organisations to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.

We will be meeting at 18:00 at the Malmaison for networking, drinks and canapés. This will lead into our opening speaker, more drinks and canapés and then our famous “question time” expert panel session.

A selection of our current guest list includes:

CEO at EDM Group
CEO at Webb Hotels and Travel Ltd
CEO at Pathway Group
CEO at Jumar Solutions
CEO at George Green
CEO at Johnson Fleming
Partner at Gateley LLP
Partner at Knight Frank
Restructuring and Recovery Director at RSM UK
Regional Director at RSM UK
Director of Transaction Services at Grant Thornton
Managing Director at Jerroms
Managing Partner at Green Room Design
Partner at Barker Brettell
Partner at Gowling WLG LLP
Partner at Gateley
Assistant Chief of Programmes at Rolls-Royce
Supply and Distribution Development Director at Argos
Managing Director at Universal Live
Managing Director at BSA Machine Tools Ltd
Managing Director at Mobile Fun
Managing Director at Mercia Group Ltd.
Managing Director at Ansaldo
Managing Director at Care Monitoring
Managing Partner at Green Room Design
Group Development Director at LSL Financial Services Plc
Director at Fownd Supply Management
Director at Digital3rd
Director at Bell Cornwall Associates Ltd.
Director of Partnerships and Marketing at Proband Group
Director of Procurement at Ansaldo
Director of IT at Warwickshire College Group
Finance Director at Perfect Home
Finance Director at Glenn Howell Architects Ltd
Director at Bell Cornwall Associates Ltd
Director at Pathway Group
Director of Transaction Services at Grant Thornton
Associate Audit Director at Grant Thornton
Partner at Barker Brettell
Managing Director at Monarch Recruitment
Sales Director at BMS Ltd
Commercial Director at Mercia Group Ltd
Sales Director at Jollys Kitchen
Director of Authorisation and Contact at SRA

And more…

If you would like to join us then please register using the link below, and we look look forward to welcoming you on 21st March.