Agility as a Competitive Differentiator – London Drinks Forum

Venue: Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London W1D 3DH
Date: September 8th, 6:30pm

The recent Brexit vote has shone a light once again on the importance of building an agile, responsive business. What is, at the macro-economic level, a major market issue and also one for the largest businesses, is conversely a major opportunity for the faster, more nimble small & medium sized businesses to take market share.

Market leaders are already looking to seize opportunity from the confusion – Something at which British business has been historically adept. “History has taught us that UK business is adaptable and innovative when confronted with new challenges and opportunities” Ian Powell (2016), chairman of PwC. Experience has proved that change spells opportunity. But do you have the agility and digital enablement to seize these opportunities before your competitors?

For industry leaders, flexibility is the key to success in uncertainty. That ability to avoid knee jerk reactions and take change in your stride is essential to growth, particularly in the midst of disruption. Even for the most innovative companies, maintaining agility as you grow is a constant and necessary battle. William Shu, CEO and Co-founder of Deliveroo considers the biggest barrier to future success “ensuring we maintain the same level of agility and aggressiveness as we scale”. The message is clear; organisations need to be continuously investing in their flexibility and readiness for change.

So what are these organisations doing to capitalize upon this period of uncertainty?  And, how can you ensure your organisation is flexible enough to take advantage of uncertainty before your competitors?

We ask the leaders of a number of organisations share their recipe for success in this time of disruption at the Club’s next discussion and networking evening on the 8th of September.

The evening will focus on the challenges of succeeding in a dynamic, disrupted environment post-Brexit and evaluate how agility can help you take advantage of the current climate. Our ultimate goal is to unite senior leaders of fast-growth organisations to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.

A selection of our current guest list includes:
Managing Director at Physicool
Managing Director at Synexus Clinical Research
Managing Director at HelloFresh
Managing Director at Active in Style
Partner/ Managing Director at 77Agency
Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Nitin Goyal London
Co-Founder at Foundry 51
Co-Founder at Zipjet
Founder & Director at Advantage Business Partnerships
CEO at Clearvision
CEO at Cubitts
Board Director & COO at Expand Venture
COO at Save the Children
COO at 77Agency
COO at Axelos
COO at Henchman
CFO at Cubitts
CFO at eviivo
CIO at Claranet
Commercial Director at Platts
Creative Director at Tin Can Digital
Director of Finance Operations at Move Guides
Finance Director at Infectious Media
Flight Operations Director at Titan Airways
Group Financial Director at MVF Global
Growth Director at Monitise Create
Operations Director at Softwire
Operations Director at Bottomline Technologies
Senior Director, Global Operations at Amnesty International

Join us on the 8th of September at the Soho Hotel, where the necessity of agility in times of uncertainty, will be discussed by our expert panel. The evening will begin at 18:30 with networking drinks and canapés. This will lead into our opening speaker, more drinks and canapés and then our famous “question time” panel session.

If you want to understand how best to implement and utilise agile strategies, then please register through the link below and we look forward to welcoming you on the 8th of September.