Going Global – Strategic Advantage of International Expansion


WHERE: 1901 Ballroom, The Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street


WHEN: Tuesday 8th May, 6pm

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Topic: Going Global – Strategic Advantage of International Expansion

International Expansion. It remains one of the greatest opportunities for SMEs and PWC states 79% of CEOs are making organic growth their top priority in 2018. Yet it is also one of the most challenging, surrounded by constant risk. It’s also one of the topics that inspires the greatest debate throughout our members at the 360° Club.


However, when even giants such as Starbucks, eBay and Tesco, equipped with resources and time, have experienced failure in expanding across Australia, China and the US, how can SMEs be expected to get it right?


In fact, as an SME you have the upper hand. Through flexibility, innovation, speed and agility you can become industry disruptors and overtake top performers. As companies such as Pure Gym and Revolut are proving by growing at an alarming rate. With Pure Gym turning over £160 million, and Revolut $90 million to date both expanding into US, Canada, and Hong Kong.


De-risking expansion is challenging and requires careful planning, allocating right resources, having cultural understanding and being realistic about your expansion expectations. It is also the staging post to the next level for your business and one that should never be taken lightly.


That’s why learning from other companies’ mistakes and ensuring your strategic decisions are as informed as possible is crucial to succeeding in 2018.


This time we’ll be exploring:


  • How can you ensure maximum visibility and risk aversion with your International Expansion strategy in 2018?


  • How are you maximising growth opportunities and gaining strategic expansion advantage?


  • And are you learning from failures of others, and how is your expansion strategy overcoming pitfalls and obstacles?


Join us on the 8th May for our next networking evening. We will be uniting senior leaders to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.


We’ll be meeting at 6pm at the fantastic 1901 Ballroom of the Andaz Hotel, for networking, drinks and canapés. It is not to be missed!

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6pm Guests arrive for networking drinks


6:30pm Keynote speaker followed by questions


7:15pm Break for drinks, networking and canapes


7:40pm “Question time” expert panel session.


8:15pm Break for drinks, canapes and networking

So join us at the next 360° Club’s networking evening on the 8th May 2018. We will be uniting senior leaders to evaluate best practices and exchange insights via a panel of expert speakers and guests.


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